2020 Life Update and a New Project

2020 what a year that was. I mean I know it’s not over yet, but it feels like the longest year in recorded history. Technically this year is a leap year, so it is one of the longer ones.

I’m back working at my retail job right (with proper health and safety precautions), but the normal things in the past that help me to differentiate one year from another have been put on hiatus, mainly travel and theatre. I mentioned before that the one trip I had booked for this year was cancelled (obviously). Recently, found out the one theatre event I had booked has also been cancelled (not surprising). Plus there are no summer festivals this year (not in person anyway), and that has been weird.

But this year I did something (well I actually started it last year on my birthday) that I found immensely helpful during the past few months (especially when I was at home). I did a daily writing project where I picked a music artist whose birthday it was that day and wrote a blog post about them. I also picked a song of theirs and put it on a playlist. Now while this is pretty inconsequential in the history of humankind it helped me keep a daily habit of writing something, and gave me something to focus on (helpful when I was off work from March to May). If you’re interested you can view that now-retired project here.

That project, writing daily and focusing on music (something I love) gave me the idea for another music-related writing project. There were several instances when I was writing about an artist during that project and I thought wow I really don’t know many of their songs and I’ve always wanted to listen to more of their work. That is the basis for my new writing project I’m calling the Deep Dive Music Project. Starting in September I’m picking 12 music artists, focusing on one artist per month, and listening to as much of their work as possible. Some of the artists here are fairly well known and others less so. All of them (for me at least) are artists I only know a handful of their songs (if that). I’ve never actually sat down and listened to a full album from any of these artists, despite enjoying the few songs of theirs that I know.

Basically, this project is an excuse to listen to a lot of music. Some of the artists I’ve chosen have a huge discography and hundreds upon hundreds of recorded songs to their name, so I won’t be able to get through everything. But I plan to listen to a few of their albums (no compilations or Christmas albums) and then write something about it. I want to actively listen to their music, and not just have it on in the background as I’m doing something else. I’ll share my thoughts and opinions on their songs/albums, and maybe some fact-based research too (don’t expect an in-depth biography of these artists). This isn’t going to be a these are the greatest music artists ever and here are their 10 best songs kind of deal. If I don’t like a song or album I’ll share that too.

Originally this was going to be on a separate blog, but I pay for hosting for this site and I figured I might as well use it. Make no mistake I still love travel and theatre and will write about those things again as well, but I need to write about something else too. Maybe this isn’t on brand, but fuck that. Take Me to the World is about travel, theatre, and life – and in my life music has always been important. I just haven’t written much about it until now. I’m not entirely sure how it will work, but I’m planning to write a few blog posts during the month. I’ll share the songs and albums I’m listening to (likely with a Spotify link) so you can join me in this project if you want.

If you want to join me in this project you can. I’ll have the artists that I’m going to be focusing on for this project below, but this isn’t to say you have to pick the same artists. If there’s an artist you kind of know a few songs from, but have always wanted to get into more of their work then pick that person instead. I’m focusing on individual artists rather than bands, and on these artists’ solo work (though I may include some collaborations like duets and features on other songs). This list is in random order, and may not reflect the order thee artists are features on in the project.

  • Frank Ocean
  • Björk
  • Johnny Cash
  • Janelle Monáe
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Lana Del Rey
  • David Bowie
  • Tori Amos
  • Prince
  • Emilie Autumn
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Lady Gaga

I have a request from anyone who might be familiar with any of these artists. If you have song/album suggestions for any of these artists let me know in the comments. In particular, I’m interested in the lesser-known songs from these artists. Not saying I’m going to avoid the popular hit songs, but this isn’t meant to be a “here’s David Bowie’s greatest hits” and nothing else kind of deal. Especially if you know some obscure songs from any of these artists I’d love to hear them. I’m also interested in extra research material like books, movies, to go into for these artists as well. The main focus will be the music, but I might talk about other art forms these artists have done (like movies for example) as well.

That’s my life for right now. And again I’ll still have some travel and theatre posts on here, but while things have shut down or slowed down immensely I want to give myself something else to focus on. More importantly, I wanted to share this project with you so that you can join me in this musical adventure.

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If you have any album or song suggestions for the artists above, let me know in the comments below.