Musical Theatre Podcast Episode 3 – Talking About a Musical I Hate (And It’s Not Cats)

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On Episode 3 of the Take Me to the World Musical Theatre Podcast I talk about a musical I truly hated, Shout! The Mod Musical. This was the first show I’ve ever seen where I wanted to leave early, but I didn’t. I stayed for the whole thing and regretted it. In this podcast I’ll tell you why.

As mentioned in the podcast my problem wasn’t with the songs (this is a jukebox musical using 1960’s songs) or with the theatre where I saw the musical, the theatre company that put it on, or cast of this show. My issue was with this show was the flimsy story and characters they tried constructing for this show. I analyze the “characters” and plot and reveal how a musical could make me bored, angry, and sad (often at the same time).

I also talk about how I wished this musical should have been set up (in terms of story and character). And I list some alternate musicals a local community theatre could do instead of Shout! The Mod Musical.

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Resources – Music

This has links (mostly on Spotify, unless otherwise stated) to the cast recordings/soundtracks that I mentioned in this podcast, as well as to some musical playlists.

It’s Broadway, Bitch – Spotify Playlist. This has over 2000 songs from different musicals I’ve either seen or have listened to obsessively. Most of the playlist is from stage musicals, but I have a few movie musicals and musical TV shows on here as well. Albums are in random order. Some songs contain strong language and subject matter, so listener discretion is advised.

Sounds of Broadway. This is an online radio station with over 4600 songs from 560 different musicals. This is a great way to listen musicals you know and discover some musicals you may have never heard of before. The station also has a great weekly podcast about musicals as well.

Shout! The Mod Musical Playlist. This is a playlist of the original songs (not the musical version of the songs) used in this show. I believe there are few bonus songs not in the show.

Other 1960’s Set Musicals

In the podcast I talked about a few 1960’s set shows that you could watch/put on in place of Shout! The Mod Musical. They are

Hairspray. This is based of the 1988 non-musical movie of the same name by John Waters. In 2002 Hairspray was adapted into a Broadway musical, which won several awards. Here’s the Original Broadway Cast Recording. In 2007 a movie adaptation of the stage musical was released. Hairspray is a good musical that strikes a nice balance between fun and campy, and more serious themes of racism and segregation. Hairspray was actually the first musical I saw in New York back in 2006.

Hair. This is a rock musical focused on the counter-cultural movement of the US in the 1960’s. It debuted on Broadway in 1967 and was very revolutionary for its time (in the both subject matter it covered and how it covered it). You can listen to the Original Broadway Cast recording of Hair here. In 1979 a movie version of Hair was released. Hair has become an important musical in pop culture and in musical theatre history.

Dogfight is a musical based on a 1991 non-musical movie of the same name. The musical is about three US Marines back from Vietnam who have a bet on who can date the ugliest girl. I personally haven’t seen this show or the original movie, but I have enjoyed listening to the 2013 Original Cast Recording. The music and lyrics for this show are by Benj Pasek and John Paul, who’ve had several hit musicals including Dear Evan Hansen and the movie The Greatest Showman.

Violet is a musical about a young, disfigured lady named Violet, who goes on a journey from North Carolina to Oklahoma to be healed. Listen to the 2014 Broadway Cast Recording of Violet here. The music for Violet is by Jeanine Tesori, one of the most prolific female composers in modern musical theatre. She’s done several other well-known shows like Fun Home and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Like Dogfight I haven’t seen Violet myself, but I have enjoyed listening to the cast recording. Also it has Sutton Foster, and you can’t go wrong there.

Resources – Websites and Apps

Here’s an interesting article (completely non-musical related) about women’s liberation in Britain in the 60’s and 70’s.

Reddit Musicals and Reddit Musical Theatre. Both of these subreddits are great places to go if you want to talk about musicals, get tips (if you’re a performer), and to get recommendations on shows to check out.

Broadway Musical Home. This is an amazing website for any musical lover. They have an alphabetical list of over 300 musicals, and you can look up musicals by different categories like “based on a book” and “based on real life.” For anyone or any theatre company looking to put on a musicals you can check out the Rights page, where you can find where to get the rights to put on a variety of musicals.

Playbill has listing for shows (musicals and plays) in New York, London and National Tours.

Today Tix is an App for both iOS and Android. You can use the app to buy cheap, same day tickets for shows in cities like New York, London, Toronto, Chicago, and more. I used this app with great success in London and highly recommend it.

Use the Code JGZYL to save £10 (or $10) on your first order with Today Tix.

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Have you seen a musical you hated? I’d love to know which one it is. Leave a comment and rant below.

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