Musical Theatre Podcast Episode 2 – All About Jukebox Musicals

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Episode 2 of the Take Me to the World Musical Podcast is all about Jukebox Musicals. I talk about what a jukebox musical is and give some examples of jukebox musicals. I also talk about the good and bad points of the jukebox musical in general.

If you’re confused to why I have a podcast about musicals check out Episode 1. It’s where I talk about why I love musicals so much. Don’t worry I’m still blogging about travel too, but now I’ll be having a podcast on musicals too.

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Resources – Music

This has links (mostly on Spotify, unless otherwise stated) to the cast recordings/soundtracks that I mentioned in this podcast, as well as to some musical playlists.

It’s Broadway, Bitch – Spotify Playlist. This has over 2000 songs from different musicals I’ve either seen or have listened to obsessively. Most of the playlist is from stage musicals, but I have a few movie musicals and musical TV shows on here as well. Albums are in random order. Some songs contain strong language and subject matter, so listener discretion is advised.

Jukebox Musicals from Stage and Screen Spotify Playlist. I made a playlist of Jukebox musicals for this episode. It has over 1200 songs from different jukebox musicals. Unlike the It’s Broadway, Bitch Playlist above I haven’t seen or listened to all the musicals on this playlist. All the albums on here are in random order. Some songs contain strong language, so listener discretion is advised.

Sounds of Broadway. This is an online radio station with over 4600 songs from 560 different musicals. This is a great way to listen musicals you know and discover some musicals you may have never heard of before. The station also has a great weekly podcast about musicals as well.

American Idiot (2010 Original Broadway Cast)

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (2014 Original Broadway Cast)

Fela! (2010 Original Broadway Cast)

Jersey Boys (2005 Original Broadway Cast)

Mamma Mia (1999 Original London Cast)

Moulin Rouge (2001 Movie Soundtrack)

Singing in the Rain (1952 Movie Soundtrack)

The Who’s Tommy (1993 Original Broadway Cast)

Resources – Video

These are links on Just Watch (unless otherwise noted) for the following movie versions of the musicals I talked about in this episode. Just Watch will have links to where you can watch these movies on various streaming sites.

Jersey Boys (2014 Movie)

Mamma Mia (2008 Movie)

Rock of Ages (2012 Movie)

Moulin Rouge (2001 Movie)

Singing in the Rain (1952 Movie). The is a classic movie musical with Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds that everyone should see. In particular prepare to have your mind blown watching the number “Moses Supposes.” How do their feet do that!?

Tommy (1975 Movie). I haven’t seen all of this movie, but I will say two things. First, I think everyone who was in this film, and everyone who was making this film was probably on drugs, like a lot of drugs. Second, this movie is not appropriate for children, and deals with themes of child abuse, and sexual abuse. Just want to give a heads up, because this subject matter might be one that some people would like to avoid.

Resources – Websites

Mamma Mia. This is where to check for the professional productions of Mamma Mia the stage musical.

Jersey Boys (Broadway). This is the website to buy tickets for Jersey Boys in New York City. It’s playing at New World Stages at 340 West 50th Street.

Jersey Boys (UK/Ireland Tour). If you live in or will be visiting the UK and Ireland you can check to see if Jersey Boys is playing near you. Of course since I’m no longer living in Ireland next year Jersey Boys is coming to Dublin. Just my luck.

Moulin Rouge. This is the website for the Broadway production of Moulin Rouge. While the movie musical is a jukebox the Broadway production apparently will also have the songs from the movies and some original songs as well.

Reddit Musicals and Reddit Musical Theatre. Both of these subreddits are great places to go if you want to talk about musicals, get tips (if you’re a performer), and to get recommendations on shows to check out.

Broadway Musical Home. This is an amazing website for any musical theatre lover. They have an alphabetical list of over 300 musicals, and you can look up musicals by different categories like “based on a book” and “based on real life.” For anyone or any theatre company looking to put on a musical, you can check out the Rights page, where you can find where to get the rights to put on a variety of musicals.

Playbill has a listing for shows (musicals and plays) in New York, London and National Tours.

Today Tix is an App for both iOS and Android. You can use the app to buy cheap, same-day tickets for shows in cities like New York, London, Toronto, Chicago, and more. I used this app with great success in London and highly recommend it.

Use the Code JGZYL to save £10 (or $10) on your first order with Today Tix.

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Have you seen a jukebox musical before? What’s your favourite jukebox musical? Is there an artist or band you wished had a jukebox musical? Let me know in the comments below.