My Favourite Things To Do in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a city that I’ve visited twice. I can say Las Vegas isn’t my favourite place in the world, but I have enjoyed my time in Sin City. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, I’m gonna break this rule and tell you some things to see and do in Las Vegas.

Not Gambling

I’m not much of a gambler. I didn’t go to Las Vegas to waste all my money at the casinos. That said I did gamble, but I gave myself a pretty strict budget. I recommend you set a budget as well if you plan to gamble. Give yourself X amount to spend at the casino per day. My limit was $5/day (told you I’m not a gambler). If you win something, then that’s great. Keep playing (or quit while you’re ahead). Once you lose your money, move on and find something else to do. You don’t want to leave Vegas with a hazy memory and gambling debt.

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Wander Through The Hotels

Even though I don’t gamble much, I made sure to wander through some of the hotels on The Strip. Many of the hotels have a different theme. Luxor has an Egyptian theme. My friend and I got a reasonable rate at The Excalibur Hotel, which has a cheesy King Arthur theme. The Venetian has a Venice theme. New York New York is well pretty self-explanatory. It’s fun to wander through the hotels and see the shops and restaurants. As a bonus, they’re all air-conditioned. When it’s 100F out, you’ll appreciate this.

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Fun fact the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is half the size of the real Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Go to a Show

It might not be New York or London, but Las Vegas has a fair share of shows. Most well known would be the Cirque du Soleil shows. Even if a regular circus show isn’t your thing, these shows are always worth going to. I’ve seen O at The Bellagio and more recently my friend, and I saw Michael Jackson: One at Mandalay Bay. Both shows were amazing. Las Vegas usually has a couple of musicals playing around. There are hypnotist shows. There are comedy acts. There are magic shows. There are adult-only shows like The Thunder from Down Under. There are concerts and lots of other entertainment for you to enjoy.

Michael Jackson One at Manadaly Bay. Great show.

Michael Jackson One at Mandalay Bay. Great show.

If you’re not picky about seeing something in particular head to Tix 4 Tonight. It’s located in the giant Coca-Cola bottle next to M&M World on The Strip. Here you can get discounted tickets for same-day shows. Sometimes they will have deals for local restaurants as well. For a free show check out the Fountain Show, which happens outside The Bellagio Hotel every night. The Mirage has a volcano show in the evening.

Visit The CBS Television City Research Center

Inside The MGM Grand is The CBS Television City Research Center. Here you go in and watch a pilot episode for an upcoming show on CBS. While you’re watching the pilot, you get to rate the show. They use this feedback to help decide whether to air the pilot on television. It’s free, and something fun and different to do in Las Vegas. Afterward, you’ll get a little voucher to spend at the CBS Store next door. I bought a pair of “soft kitty” socks from The Big Bang Theory.

Visit Fremont Street

This was my favourite area in Las Vegas. In the evening there’s the free Fremont Street show, but there is more to check out here. There are famous casinos like The Four Queens and The Golden Nugget. Here you can play the slots with your change. Just know your winnings will come back to you in coins. There are excellent restaurants and bars. A Zipline (if you want some adventure), and street musicians and buskers. Nearby in Fremont East, there are some really cool neon signs. They even have a park made from shipping containers. It’s a fun place to check out. If I go back to Las Vegas again, I’ll be staying on Fremont Street.

Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

Have you been to Las Vegas? What’s your favourite place in Las Vegas?

3 comments on “My Favourite Things To Do in Las Vegas

  1. Hi Alouise,

    Cool deal 😉 I’d also be doing the No Gambling bit. Doesn’t appeal to me at all. What a fuddy duddy LOL. But when I visited Atlantic City a LONG time ago I tried to gamble for a few but saw that money in a pension or savings account or a stock or Forex or whatever the heck can move over time. I’d be doing the hotel wandering bit and seeing the city on food, when I visit Vegas for the first time.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Alouise,

    I agree. Carrie and I did almost exactly as you describe here. We’re not gamblers, but enjoyed people watching in the casinos and a David Copperfield show. Another thing we did was eat at the fancier places during happy hour when the food and drinks were half price. Walking around just trying to process it all was about all we could take (chuckle). Safe travels!


  3. I’ve been to Vegas a whopping 14+ times. Frankly, I lost count. I’ve been for a mix of work/trade shows, personal fun celebrating big events. I am heading back in November for my husband’s 30th birthday and will be back again in January for work.

    I do love playing cards so we tend to gamble budgeting $100 per day or so with always a max of 3 days there.

    But my favourite parts of Vegas are the food and the shows – Love at the Mirage and La Rêve at the Wynn are a couple of my favourites. And any hotel Steve Wynn has touched is one of y favourites – The Bellagio, The Wynn, The Encore. This time around we are trying something new and staying at the Cosmopolitan. Hoping to catch the Absinthe show and the zipline on Fremont street!

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