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I recently returned from a short trip to Berlin, Germany. One of the coolest things I did was taking a food walking tour with Bitemojo. I love going on food walking tours when I travel because you get to learn about the place you’re visiting, and you get to eat delicious food. Bitemojo is unique because you get to do a self-guided food walking tour using just your phone.

What is Bitemojo?

Bitemojo is an app that you download on your phone. It’s available for iOS or Android. Bitemojo lets you take a self-guided food walking tour in Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Jerusalem, or Tel Aviv. You sign up for an account (through email or Facebook). Then you choose the city you’ll be visiting and find a tour you want to take. Tours start at 18, and you can pay via Paypal or credit card. When you’re ready to go, you download your tour. You’ll get a map to help you discover the neighbourhood you’ll be visiting. You’ll get to stop into selected restaurants to try some food (known as bites, included in the price) and you’ll also go to other points of interest along the way.

Where Did I Go?

I did the Prenzlauer Berg food tour because it was close to where I was staying. Prenzlauer Berg was also a neighbourhood I wanted to explore for myself after reading about it from a few other travel bloggers. Many of Berlin’s major attractions (like the Brandenburg Gate) are in the central borough of Mitte. Prenzlauer Berg is a little north of Mitte, was quiet, and had a local feel to it. There were lots of parks and interesting points that I passed along the way.

Prenzauler Berg Park in Berlin, Germany.

Fall foliage at a park in the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood.

When you buy a tour, you’ll get directions to the first bite (where you’ll start). You can open the route in Google Maps so that you won’t get lost. Berlin has an extensive transit network of trains, subways (U-Bahn and S-Bahn), trams, and buses. I wanted to see a bit of Berlin, so I walked to my first stop from my hotel, which took about 20 minutes.

What Did I Eat?

When people think of German food, they probably think of foods like sausage, beer, pretzels, and strudel. The tour I took didn’t have any food like this. In fact, on this tour, I became acutely aware of how diverse the food is in Berlin, and how diverse Berlin is as a city.

Pumpkin Ravioli in Berlin with Bitemojo.

Case in point. The first place I went to was a small vegetarian cafe run by a husband and wife. She is from Italy, and he is from Senegal. The dish I had was a pumpkin ravioli in a bright tomato sauce. It was delicious, and a perfect amount to start my appetite.

Next, I went to a restaurant and had breakfast. While the pumpkin ravioli was a few bites, this next one was quite substantial. Enough so that I wondered if I’d be too full to continue with the tour (I pressed on in the name of blogging). It included some scrambled eggs with cheese and tomato, a pancake with applesauce, a small salad, some fresh fruit, and bread rolls. I was too impatient and started eating before I could take a photo. Suffice to say the food was fantastic.

Bigne and Kaffe with Bitemojo in Berlin.

The restaurant after that offered a hot drink and a dessert. I got an espresso and a small piece of chocolate cake. Coffee and cake is a delicious combination.

Panini and Juice on a tour with Bitemojo in Berlin.

Finally, I went to a small cafe for a little panini and juice. The panini was a chicken curry, and the drink was a freshly squeezed strawberry juice. While you just get a quarter panini, it’s still filling and delicious, especially after all the other bites I had.

Usually, there would have been two more bites I could have had, but the day I did my tour the last two restaurants were closed. If that happens, you get credit for the bites you can’t use. Then you can redeem the credits (within six months) for another bite in any of Bitemojos locations.

Supporting Local

The great thing about Bitemojo is that restaurants on their tours are all locally run places. I know sometimes people get a craving for food from a familiar chain restaurant, but when travelling, I think it’s important to support local restaurants and businesses when possible. That’s why I love that Bitemojo takes you to local restaurants, and not chains or franchises. They make the food in these restaurants fresh and in-house.

When you redeem your bite, you get to learn about the food you’re enjoying. You also learn about the restaurant/cafe itself and the people who run it. Most of the restaurants on my tour were run by people who had moved to Berlin from other countries including Italy, Senegal, Iraq, and the UK. So while you can support local businesses with Bitemojo, you might be trying food from all over.

Points of Interest

Between going from one bite to another the map that guides you will take you to some local points of interest. Along the way, I saw a planetarium, I went to a Swedish candy shop (where I bought some candy, not included in the tour price), saw some local parks, visited some local stores, and saw the oldest water tower in the city. It’s safe to say that these aren’t places I would have ever known about if I hadn’t taken this tour.

Stopping at Harry Nilsson candy shop on a tour with Bitemojo in Berlin, Germany.

PHOTO: I bought some candy at this Swedish candy shop.

Things to Keep in Mind

Bitemojo will show if any restaurants close on a specific day of the week when you check the app. I recommend not waiting until the last day of your trip to take a tour. That way if a restaurant is closed you’ll have another day (at least) to redeem any Bitemojo credits you might get. Credits expire within six months so be sure to redeem them before they expire.

The bites only include the food and drink listed on the app. If you want something more, you’ll have to pay extra. With the two places, I went to that didn’t have a drink included I got tap water for free. In Europe be sure to specify if you want tap water or else you may be charged for bottled still or sparkling water.

You need roaming data on your phone plan to use Bitemojo. EU Mobile regulations recently changed to abolish roaming charges across countries in the European Economic Area. That means I was able to use the data from my Irish phone plan in Germany without any extra costs. If you’re not from Europe, I recommend bringing an unlocked phone to Europe. Then you can get a local sim and prepaid plan when you arrive. Even with a prepaid plan, you won’t have to pay roaming charging in Europe (with a sim card from a European mobile carrier).

Finally, while the directions to the first bite (to start the tour) can open in Google Maps (for Android that is) the rest of the directions are in-app only. I get lost easily, but even still I found all the places on my tour. I started the tour as early as it was available, just in case I got lost and needed time.

Final Thoughts

As an introvert, I enjoyed being able to take a food walking tour at my own pace using Bitemojo. The app was easy to use, and I was able to have some food and learn about Prenzlauer Berg on my own. If you’re travelling with other people, you can all go on a Bitemojo Tour, but everyone would have to purchase a tour to enjoy the bites included. I finished (the eating part) at about 3 pm and ate enough food to keep me satiated until I had supper at 8 pm. All the bites I had were delicious, and it was great learning about the food itself, and the people who made it.

If you are going to be visiting one of the cities Bitemojo is in I’d highly recommend getting a tour. It’s easy to use and a great way to explore a neighbourhood and eat great food. Hopefully, Bitemojo will expand to more cities in the future. In the meantime, I look forward to my next tour with Bitemojo.

Things You Should Know
Bitemojo gave me a free tour in exchange for a review. I enjoyed this tour and using Bitemojo. I would recommend a Bitemojo tour to anyone. All opinions here are my own.
While in Berlin I stayed at the Pfefferbett Hostels. This hostel was a  fun, modern hostel in Prenzlauer Berg, only 2 minutes from the U-Bahn. You can book a room at the Pfefferbett Hostel here.

Have you been to Berlin? Where would you want to take a Bitemojo tour?

9 comments on “Exploring Berlin’s Food with Bitemojo

  1. Bitemojo! I have never heard of it but what I have heard so far I love the sound of it! What an excellent idea to have a food-tour! When travelling I love to taste the local food…I dont mean only the tradition food but also the awesome small cafe and restaurant. My husband will be so pleased about Bitemojo when I tell him about it!

  2. What a cool app! I’ve never heard of Bitemojo before so I’m super glad I stumbled across your post. I’ll be traveling to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem for the first time in April so will definitely download it then. And I’m sure I’ll be back in Berlin again soon – your tour looked awesome!

  3. I heard of Bitemojo before and really like the sound of it. It’s great you not only got to try some yummy things in Berlin, but you discovered some new sights along the way. You give great tips here on checking the restaurant’s open before visiting. It’s an easy mistake to make!

  4. I was not knowing Bitemojo before but looks interesting. As through this app, we can locate traditional and local family run restaurants which are not mentioned on big sites. While traveling food tour makes us understand the local culture more. As Bitemojo app helps in exploring hidden tastes of city, I would download it now.

  5. I usually never do food tours but lately I have been hearing a lot of nice things about the same. Looks like you had a delicious taste of non-typical Berlin food which is awesome because through you we also got to know some of the dishes 😀 That pumpkin ravioli is on my list to try when I plan to visit Berlin ~ very soon I’m sure 😉 Love your honest review about the app Bitemojo which seems a nice initiative in tours!!

  6. Berlin sure has an exciting dining scene, so I have heard! Bitemojo sounds like a useful app. I am so happy to know that it supports locally run places. I would anyday skip a multi chain in favour of local experiences.

  7. Hey, this is something unique. I should check if we have one for India. It would be fun to do a trail of authentic local food, helps you engage with the locals as well. Cheers

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