St. Mark’s Square and A Brief Afternoon in Venice, Italy

It’s been a bit over nine years since I first visited Europe. That trip had a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time travelling solo (London for a few days). It was my first time going outside North America. This trip was also the first time on a group tour. We visited ten countries in 11 days. I was very excited about this trip.

Turns out that it’s exhausting to visit 11 countries in 10 days. I only got a small taste of the places I visited. One city I’d love to go back to is Venice, Italy. To be honest, before this trip Venice wasn’t high on my must-see list. I had nothing against this iconic city, but other cities were higher on my radar.

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When I got to Venice, I found it fascinating. The canals, the winding streets, the grand architecture. It felt a bit surreal and magical (the prosecco I drank might have played a part in this as well). Aside from that gondola ride, and wandering around I didn’t have time for much else. The next day we were on our bus going to Switzerland.

St. Mark's Square in Venice.

St. Mark’s Square. Our time was so short we weren’t able to go up to the bell tower. Another reason to go back.

I wish I could tell you I have a trip booked for Venice, but I don’t. What I do know is that it’s a city I want to spend more than a few hours seeing. At some point, I’ll go back here and explore elsewhere in Italy as well.

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What place would you go back to?

11 comments on “St. Mark’s Square and A Brief Afternoon in Venice, Italy

  1. Hi Alouise,

    Beautiful photo.

    As for places I wish to return to, for a longer period of time, we almost always do slow travel so I feel pretty good about spending a month or 2 or more in most spots.

    If anything, rather than laying over in Taiwan at the beginning of our trip, I wish to see more of the place. I knew little about the land before we traveled through. But since then I have seen amazing beauty there via my travel blogging buddies.

    Thanks for the share.


  2. I’m visiting Venice next month, I should get 2 nights in there. I didn’t know you could go up the Bell Tower in St Mark’s Square, the view from up there must be incredible. Hopefully you’ll get more time to spend in Venice next time.

  3. 11 countries in 10 days sounds exhausting. At least you get a small taste of each place, so you know which countries that you must go back to for longer. Slow travel is my favorite way to travel, but the quick tour helps to feed the wanderlust.

  4. Venice definitely deserves a longer look, and you should go back. I understand why you weren’t keen, it’s always busy; I should know, I’m always in that region of Italy! I’d suggest going in October/November; less people and still beautiful.

  5. I can relate myself with you as, I also spent half day in Venice. Afternoons of Venice are very beautiful as watching for sun-rays passing through narrow lanes of water is very beautiful. Going to St. Mark’s square and taking Gondola ride in such a short time is perfect way of spending time in Venice. Hopefully you come back again here and spend more time to your favorite places.

  6. Venice has a lot of places to see and explore. I have been there twice and would love to go back their again. You should definitely go back and see more of Venice and all the places you wanted to visit.

  7. 10 countries in 11 days?! Wow! That is a whirlwind tour of Europe for sure! I know what you mean about Venice though, I want to go but also I’m not sure, given how much I’ve heard about how crowded it gets etc. You still captured a beautiful picture though. It sounds like you need to come back to Europe 😀

  8. Wow, I’m exhausted just thinking about 11 countries in 10 days! Venice was never incredibly high on my list either, but lately I’ve been feeling like I need to see it–we’re actually going in November! Looking forward to seeing what we think about it, as everyone seems to either adore it or think it’s overrated.

  9. It’s too bad that you couldn’t stay longer. I’m sure despite the hype Venice has plenty to offer. You captured a great photo though and like you, I am longing to go to Venice. I’m sure it is everything it is hyped to be!

  10. I feel Venice is quite an underrated place. The Heritage lover is me has always looked up to visit this place but somehow I am not been able to make a visit. But 11 countries in 10 days 😮

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