Who The Hell Am I?

Hi. My name is Alouise, which is derived from my parents middle names (true story) but also apparently means I’m a famous maiden warrior. Last part not as true.

That’s not helpful though, so let’s say I’m a mid-30’s cisgender (she/her pronouns) asexual/aromantic (a.k.a I’m not interested in what you have to offer, thanks so much for playing) Canadian with a pet llama. One of those things may be a lie.

What is the truth though? Well I guess we could get into a philosophical debate about “truth” and “absolute truth” but my subjective truth is that I fucking love to travel. I love learning about the world and other countries and cultures and all that shit. Sometimes I travel with friends or family, but I love to travel alone. I understand if that’s not your jam (different strokes for different folks and all), but I believe everyone should try a solo trip at least once in their life, even if it’s just going somewhere in their own country.

Where I’ve Been

Here’s a map of the countries I’ve visited. The ones in pink I’ve been to, the ones in red I’ve lived in (Canada and Ireland), grey countries I haven’t been to (at least not yet).

Where I've Been

Another absolute truth is that I love theatre, live shows, performances, etc. My favourite of which would be musicals. In fact the title of this blog comes from a song from a very obscure musical by the god of musical theatre Stephen Sondheim. Bonus points if you know what that is. I like musicals so much I’ve started a podcast about them. You can listen to past episodes here.

My life doesn’t just revolve around travel or theatre. I write about general life things sometimes too. I actual spent almost two years abroad living in Ireland. I have some posts about that experience here.

I’m also a writer, sometimes for fun and sometimes professionally. Here is my writing portfolio.

What The Hell Is Take Me to the World About?

Travel. I hope that Take Me to the World will serve as a source of inspiration and information for you to explore more of this awesome world of ours (in a fair, ethical, responsible, and compassionate way of course).

Shows a.k.a Music, Musicals, Live Theatre, Plays, Festivals. I love all that shit. Chances are if I’m not broke from travelling I’m broke from going to the theatre.

Life. Cause sometimes I can’t travel all the time or constantly attend live theatre, so I’ve been trying to include other things about my life too. The interesting stuff, not just the fact I’m binge watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix again (but yeah I’m definitely doing that too).

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Have a nice day!